150" Shift Cable Ox Locker

17 × 17 × 1 in
4 lb
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OX Locker
Product Description: 

150 inch shift cable keep away from heat sources (exhaust) No smaller than 6" bend radius

The OX Locker control cables offered today are are significantly improved and more sophisticated when compared to other control cables including our older ones. Today’s cables are designed with corrosion resistant materials and all the following features to ensure dependability, flexibility, and long life.
“PRO-X™” Armored Core — A Stainless steel flat wire swaged over stainless steel stranded cable and burnished to a smooth, close tolerance finish, providing high flexibility and incredible strength.
Inner Liner — Polymer liners minimize friction for maximum efficiency. The inside diameter is precisely controlled to minimize lost motion and premature wear, problems that seem to plague most “splined” or “grooved” liners.
Conduit — A “full complement” of reinforcing wires are placed in a long lay pattern to protect the liner and inner core.
Outer Jacket – Heavy duty, high density non-hygroscopic polymer jacket is extruded onto the conduit for maximum cable strength and abrasion resistance.