Aussie Locker XD-24930 Toyota for V6 and Turbo 4 Cyl

9 × 6 × 3 in
5 lb
Automatic Locker
Aussie Locker
Vehicle Type: 

The Aussie Locker XD-24930 is the most advanced "traction added" Automatic Precision Locker in the world today. Specifically designed for off-highway enthusiasts and wheelers the Aussie Locker has been proven world wide from the Outback of Australia to Moab, Utah.

Note:  We find approximately 5%  of Toyota V6 differential 3rd members are machined outside of tolerance. A thinner, custom Thrust Washer will bring the installation within specifications. You can purchase these Thrust Washers from Torq-Masters Industries here:

Toyota V6 - Thrust Washer - THIN .030

Every conceivable environment has been thrown at the locker by development engineers and customers and the Aussie Locker gets them where they want to go, every time. The Aussie Locker is the result of attention to detail not previously seen in the industry. Special steel alloys for maximum durability and long life, proprietary manufacturing processes, unique heat treatment procedures and 100% quality audits with electronic microscopes result in every locker providing unmatched reliability and performance. No air lines to leak, break or compressors to fail, no cables to fray, no electric wires to break, the Aussie Locker gets you where you want to go, with maximum traction performance. You get 100% traction performance rather than 40-60% with a posi or LSD. And with the unique construction and manufacturing process the Aussie Locker delivers this 100% traction year after year after year. No degradation over time like some other products out there. And the Aussie Locker can be installed by the weekend mechanic. If you can install a set of brakes you can install your Aussie Locker without any specials tools or training. The No-Nonsense Two Year Limited Warranty has no restrictions on tire size or horsepower. The Aussie Locker is designed to hold up whatever you throw at them, time after time.

1986 - 1987 Toyota Hilux 4Cyl Turbo Rear Locker
1987 - 1987 Toyota 4 Runner 4Cyl Turbo Rear Locker
1995 - 1999 Toyota Tacoma 2WD Rear Locker
1979 - 1995 Toyota Hilux V6 Front Locker
1988 - 1995 Toyota Surf V6 Rear Locker
1984 - 2009 Toyota 4 Runner V6 Rear Locker
2007 - 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Rear Locker
2003 - 2009 Lexus GX470 Rear Locker
1985 - 1993 Toyota RJ70 Bundera Rear Locker
1985 - 1993 Toyota LJ70 Bundera Rear Locker
1990 - 1996 Toyota LJ70 Prado Rear Locker
1990 - 1996 Toyota LJ73 Prado Rear Locker
1985 - 1996 Toyota LJ75 Land Cruiser II Rear Locker
1985 - 1996 Toyota LJ77 Land Cruiser II Rear Locker
1996 - 2002 Toyota Prado 90 Rear Locker
2002 - 2009 Toyota Prado 120 Rear Locker
2005 - 2011 Toyota Hilux Pickup Rear Locker