Can-Am Heavy Duty Diff Cover - Billet Aluminum

10 × 10 × 2 in
5 lb
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The Torq-Masters Heavy Duty Billet Aluminum Can-Am differential cover greatly improves the strength and durability of your Can-Am AX or Defender front differential.
Stock differential covers are made from thin cast aluminum which can flex with heat build up and can fail from over torquing the diff cover bolts. We've seen lots of expensive differential failures and designed a better, heavy duty differential cover to fix this known problem. Included in the kit is are three 0.010" shims to allow you to dial in the backlash in your differential. Currently Can-Am either installs one 0.030" shim, or not, which leads to a wide range of backlash tolerance. Some Can-Am differentials, in our opinion, are setup with too much backlash, which will shorten the life of the differential, especial with extreme riding and racing.
Included in the HD Differential Cover Kit:
- Billet Aluminum Differential Cover
- New o-ring
- Upgraded Axle Bearing
- New Upgraded Oil Seal
- Brass vent bung
- 0.010" shims
Measuring Backlash requires special tools. We suggest this install to be performed by a professional or an individual experienced in setting up gears with proper tools.
Suggested Tools:
Backlash Measurement Tool by Can-Am
Part Number 529036387
Custom Colors and Engraved Logos are available. Contact us for details:
For reference, a stock replacement differential cover is $131.99. For only a few dollars more, you can have added strength and better backlash for a more reliable differential.
2017 - 2018 Can-Am X3 All X3 Models
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