Charles Withey Aussie & 1-TON TORQ

I first choose an Aussie locker for my rear d44 on my Jeep when we were going to rausch Creek and I was told a locker would be a good idea before the trip. I love the fact that Aussie was American made and why I choose that for my first locker. I could not believe the difference it made! No more sliding off the rock when I lost traction!! I had that in the rear for about a year when I knew I needed one up front also!! I was locked front and rear and never treated it gently! It held up to all the abuse I could throw at it. When I planned my one ton swap I knew my locker of choice was the torq-locker!! I have not been gentle on it at all and I always have traction!! American made products with American made steel!!! As a tool maker I can tell you American made steel is key to a good product!! Plus you can't ask for a better company to deal with!!! Amazing products that I am proud to stand behind!! Cora Jokinen and Erik Jokinen keep up the great work you do for the offroading industry!!