D30, D44, GM10 AXLE U-JOINT Ox Locker

6 × 4 × 3 in
2 lb
Axle U-Joints
OX Locker
Product Description: 

Dana 30 & 40 extreme duty, replaces the OEM stock part no. 5-297x, rebuildable

The OX Extreme Duty U-Joint could be the last U-Joint you ever need for you’re off road machine. Its unique design completely eliminates the weak points in the typical U-joint. These U-joints are designed to withstand the most abusive and extreme competitive uses like rock crawling and off road racing.
The OX U-Joints are made from the best materials and heat treat processes available featuring a bronze alloy sleeve to reduce wear, cad plating and black oxide finishes for corrosion resistance.
Install’em grease‘em abuse‘em worry free.
The elimination of needle bearings while dramatically increases strength does put the OX U-joint in an off road use only class. If used on the street it is recommended to have lock-out hubs.
The picture alone describes their incredible strength.
For Dana 30 Dana 44 GM 10 Bolt applications (sold individually)
Not designed for regular highway use.