Dana 60 Locker Ox Locker 4.10 Down 35 Spline

12 × 12 × 16 in
74 lb
OX Locker
Product Description: 

Dana 60 locker with heavy duty diff cover, for 4.10 and numerically lower gear ratios and 35 spline axles (NO SHIFTER OR CABLE INCLUDED)

OX Lockers can instantly lock differentials and allow you to tackle the toughest off-road terrain. The world's best traction aid, OX Lockers keep you moving in all conditions. OX Lockers are available in 3 different shifting methods Manual, Air, or Electric shift, and are offered in over 30 configurations, to suit a wide range of off-road, and 4x4 vehicles from around the world. Because the OX Locker is only engaged when needed, it can be installed in BOTH the front and rear axles, with separate switches independently controlling the locker from the driver seat of the off-road truck or vehicle.