Fernando Ochoa

I have had the Aussie Locker in my JKU for over 20000 miles. I was able to install the Aussie in my JKU in my garage at home with minimal tools and the knowledge I gained from YouTube. Never having done an install of a locker I was surprised at the ease of the install process. The Aussie locker works very well in my JKU, even with the 37" tires and the Dana 30 axle. The locker is not noticeable during normal street driving except during low speed turns when you will hear it click. Off road the Aussie locker is awesome, for the price it is by far the best performance adder you can get for a JK. It performs just as well as a selectable locker for less than half the price. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try harder trails.

I run the Dana 30 with 4.88 gears an Aussie locker which is always on, c-gussetts, Artec truss, Crown Automotive axles (stock replacements), synergy ball joints. I have wheeled Moab, the Rubicon Trail, all over Arizona and my axle has not exploded. I have 3.5" MC springs with a JKS ACOS to level the front. Cooper Discoverer STT tires. After market driveshafts front and rear. 42000 mile, I put 35s on before I broke 100 miles on the odometer. 37s have been on for over 5000 miles.