Jeffery Williams - JK TORQ Locker

Not having a ton of beef up on the front D30 ,nor a massive budget at the time ,I went looking for affordable autolockers. Of all options for “ lunchbox” lockers , I knew the Aussie was highly regarded so I went to Torq-Masters webpage & read everything. It was then that I found reference to something new called a ‘Torq Locker’ for D30s (including one for Jeep JKs with a HP D30 ). I emailed Torq-Masters to ask the difference between Aussie and TORQ and decided on TORQ.

Since then I have had the TorqLocker TL13227 in my JKU. It’s been almost 10000 miles. 3500 - 4500 of those miles are offroad. For a device that makes such a drastic difference in offroad capability, it’s almost laughable at how inconspicuous and unnoticeable the thing is when driving down the freeway at 85mph. I have not once had it clunk or bind in a parking lot or on roads. My jeep only sees highway to get to trails but I cannot notice any change in its road driving behavior. None.

I was able to install the TL-13227 in my JKU in my garage at home . Great assistance came from videos from YouTube. I also had my forum ( friends and Cora available to help, but never really needed to ask much. Never having done an install of a locker I was surprised at the ease of the install process. It took me about 3-4 hrs going slowly & with the proper tools. They have excellent instructions included with the TL-13227.

The TorqLocker totally changed the performance level of my jeep jk offroad . I can climb right up walls that I’d previously had to be creative with throttle and bumping to surmount. We all know that kind of action leads to breakage. So, that together with the amazing support provided by Torq-Masters during my install and ordering makes it really hard to not choose the TorqLocker if you want a locking solution for a jeep jk that has a front D30 axle.

It is the single most effective upgrade that I’ve made. Plus, it costs less than $400.00. That is unheard of in today’s aftermarket. It constantly reminds me that it’s worth (at least )3 - 4 times that to me when I need it. I have other JK guys without front lockers ask me tons of questions once they see it perform. It is really a game changer.