John Mackiewicz - Hack Shack Racing

To say the Dana 30 Aussie Locker does its job is an understatement. We at Hack Shack Racing in the 4632 TJ decided to run our dana 30 with its Aussie Locker in our first race ever. While it had been doing its job happily for about 4 years of recreational wheeling, racing is a whole other animal on an Ultra 4 style vehicle. The task we began to ask of that front end was something it hadn't seen before or been built for.

Through some vehicle damage and a 1 hour grand prix style race, the locker never skipped a beat. It worked just like we always knew it had and was there when we needed it. At the Dirt Riot racing series there are some serious trails that warrant the simplicity and durability of the auto locking Aussie Locker. I do not trust myself nor a selectable locker with so many failure prone components (including myself clicking the on button).The Aussie is always there every time and asks nothing of you.

It worked flawlessly and helped propel us to a win at our first ever race, in a jeep that had never raced before, with drivers that had never raced before. We like Aussie Lockers so much here at Hack Shack that we will be putting another 4 of them in our new axles going under our 4632 TJ and our pit support WJ. We would recommend them to anyone we know who wheels since they are so simple, take more abuse than most people will dish out, are easy to install, and are one of the cheapest lockers available.