Level 3 System– 10lb FireAde – Billet Roll bar style mounts

SPAfs TQ10-B175
28 × 12 × 10 in
30 lb
Tow Strap

A Fire Suppression System designed for automotive or powersports use can be very simple or very complicated, but the overall goal is the same: to give the driver time to exit the vehicle in a fire situation. These systems are automatic, or manual, or both. we've designed these systems for both manual and automatic. We've added a second mechanical pull with the intention it would be located at the rear bumper area of the vehicle. This second pull is for a safety official or course worker to pull if the driver of the vehicle is incapacitated or unconscious.


This AMU.M system allows for mechanical override function mounted to the remote AMU Block. Utilizing a pull cable, the driver can manually activate the system.

Stage 3 System – 10lb FireAde with 2x pulls – Billet Roll bar style mounts

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Part No.: SPAfs TQ10-B175

              SPAfs TQ10-B1625

              SPAfs TQ10-B150

              SPAfs TQ10-B125

Retail: $1,145.00 each

System details:


-       1x 10lb. FireAde bottle - filled and pressurized with Auto head and valve

-       1x AMU.2M Block (contains thermal bulb rated at 200°F)

-       4x Nozzle

-       2x Tee fitting

-       1x Bulkhead fitting

-       10ft Aluminum tubing

-       2x Billet Roll bar style mounts

-       2x E-sticker

-       1x 6ft Pull Cable

-       1x 12ft Pull Cable

Product Description: