Ox Locker CO2 Air System Regulator

6 × 4 × 3 in
2 lb
OX Locker
Product Description: 

CO2 Pressure regulator made for paint ball tank fixed pressure 85 PSI. Another keep it simple product from Ox LockerPreset to operate your OX locker at the optimum pressure (85psi).  Mounts to your Paintball CO2 tank available in many sizes and can be filled at your local sporting goods store. Up to 1200 shifts from a 12 oz tank (12 oz tank shown)

OX CO2 Regulators for OX Air Shift Kits are an economical and space saving on-board air solution that provides up to 1,200 shifts from a standard 12 ounce paint ball gun CO2 tank (sold separately and available at most sporting goods stores). Rated for up to 3,000 PSI, the OX CO2 regulator provides the correct air pressure to engage and disengage your air shifted OX Lockers with ease. They feature a 3,000 PSI pressure gauge, easy-grip pressure adjustment knob, and a great looking black finish with laser etched OX logo.