Ox Locker Solenoid For Air Shift

6 × 4 × 3 in
1 lb
Differential Covers
OX Locker
Product Description: 

Air solenoid kit for electric actuation of OX Air Lockers, includes fittings and Iluminated switch. This solenoid kit can be used with the OX locker air shift systems and can connect to the supplied switch, or your existing switch (sPOD, factory locker wiring, ect.)
Kit Includes: 12 Volt Solenoid with 18” wiring pigtail, Push Connect fittings for ¼” tubing, Illuminated Switch (Blue LED), 1/8 NPT male - male fitting
The OX Air Solenoid kit is designed to be optionally used in place of our standard air switch and is ideal for the user who wants to use a factory electrical switch, sPOD or similar to actuate the OX Locker. It comes with all the fittings you should need, and an illuminated switch. In the typical OX spirit of reliability the solenoid valve features a manual override should there be an electrical system failure.