TORQ Locker Subaru R160 Five Bolt

9 × 6 × 3 in
4 lb
Automatic Locker
Torq Lockers
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The TL-R1605B TORQ Locker is for Five Bolt Open Differentials.

The TORQ Locker is the most advanced, strongest, highest quality automatic locking differential on the planet, proven in the most extreme vehicles—from hard-core Rock Crawling, racing the King of the Hammers and Rock Bouncing, to Sand Dunes and Mud Drags. To back this all up, Torq-Masters Industries offers an unprecedented 4 year warranty on the TORQ Locker with no tire size, horsepower limits or loopholes. Torq-Masters Industries is committed to building the highest quality locking differentials possible. To be the best, we build with the best. The TORQ Locker is 100 percent Made in the USA with 100 percent USA raw materials.       

Keep it simple. No air-lines to leak, compressors to fail, cables to adjust or electrical gremlins. The TORQ Locker gives you piece of mind as a reliable, 100% mechanical automatic locker that can handle any terrain. The innovative design features of the TORQ Locker give you three game-changing benefits:

1.     Strongest drop-in automatic locker design on the market. The machined keyway design of the cam gears can't shear, ever.

2.     Easiest locker on the market to install because it has no spacers, no dowel pins, no cables, no air or electrical lines.

3.     Best On-Road manners of any automatic locker; by eliminating the ‘spacer’ found in all other drop-in lockers, the TORQ Locker eliminated the occasional loud pop associated with this style of locker.

To build the TORQ Locker, Torq-Masters Industries demands the highest quality control standards, protocol and materials. The TORQ Locker is CNC machined from USA made 9310 steel alloy for maximum durability and long life, using proprietary manufacturing processes in an ISO 9001 certified facility. TORQ Locker components are then heat treated with proprietary procedures in a TS16949 certified facility with 100 percent quality audits utilizing electron microscopy testing. Quality control of this caliber is rare in the aftermarket off-road industry, but Torq-Masters goes the extra mile to build the best because you deserve the best

Torq-Masters team of engineers make every effort to ensure that the model fitment listed is accurate.  However, due to vehicle manufacturers differential options, using available inventory, prior vehicle owner modifications, etc. it is the customers responsibility to confirm that the model TORQ Locker they order fits their differential. All TORQ Lockers are designed for installation in an open differential.

Five Bolt vs. One Bolt Identification:





Subaru Year: 2003

Subaru Model & Trim: Forester

Any Center Diff or Transmission mods: High stall torque converter, built valve body, VTD center diff swap.

TORQ Locker 1 Bolt or 5 Bolt:  5bolt

Miles on the TORQ Locker so far: 1500

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Review: This product does the job! More traction than i have every had in a Subaru. The locker under ratcheting is a little noticeable, and under a heavy foot can cause the rear to chirp around corners. I would highly recommend a variable 0-12v dial to control the center differential better to allow the rear locker to unlock and ratchet easier.


Subaru Year: 2002

Subaru Model & Trim: Forester

Any Center Diff or Transmission mods: no mods to the transmission yet...I wanted to TEST it stock first... I will be installing Diff Lock switch before Winter.

TORQ Locker 1 Bolt or 5 Bolt:  5 Bolt

Miles on the TORQ Locker so far: 6500 miles  about 5900 hwy / street, and 600 off-Road miles...

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Review: As a 25 yr mechanic, and Subaru lover/enthusiast, I have Welded many rear diffs over the years for off road duty... I have driven 1978 wagons and brats bone stock, and Built EXTREME use MONSTERS out of Subaru's  this TORQ LOCKER is By far the best thing to come along for the Subaru Brand. I am a user of my vehicles... I push them far beyond what Subaru ever intended for them.... I have broken many many axles and diffs... from SEVERE USE.... I have driven this LOCKER over 6500 miles in 3 months time, with about 600 miles of that OFF ROAD extreme use... ZERO issues.... I AM IN LOVE..... Thanks To Cora and the TORQ LOCKER brand for bringing this unit to us....


Subaru Year: 2005

Subaru Model & Trim: Forester

Any Center Diff or Transmission mods: 2wd switch, lock out center diff switch

TORQ Locker 1 Bolt or 5 Bolt:  5 Bolt

Miles on the TORQ Locker so far: 1800, about 100 off-road

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I ran the locker in both FWD and normal TCU control mode on the pavement and it did great. I heard a bit more of an aggressive ratcheting noise under light throttle input when accelerating into a turn from a stop, which is to be expected, but no clunking, odd noises, etc. Just a slightly louder than normal ratcheting noise. So it seems that the differential brace mod has helped considerably. I also noticed that the ratcheting is louder when turning right verse left. Perhaps that is just a result of which side of the locker is doing the ratcheting. Otherwise it was pretty uneventful.


In the woods the Forester was a total beast. I really didn't need to be line conscience (trails weren't that wild for the most part) as I could just roll up to whatever, lock the center diff and drive right over the obstacle. I even ended up pulling a 1998 lifted Forester on 29" M/Ts with a 4.5" lift out of a mud pit. Truly impressed. To do my best to see what it could do I would intentionally take on obstacles off camber, stop in the middle, lift tires, etc. Then I would just give the Fozzy a bit of gas and up it would go. No issues at all, the Forester just killed it. Game Changer!


Year: 2003

Subaru Baja Sport
No Center Diff/Transmission Mods..... yet. 
Torq Locker 1 Bolt
Miles so far: 3,800 
Review: I am currently running the 1 bolt rear TorqLocker in my 2" lifted, NA, auto, 03 Subaru Baja. I did my fair share of wheeling before installing the locker and the difference is night and day. I did not fully understand what my Baja could actually do with the right traction to the tires. 
Off road, this locker literally opened up new areas to explore and camp because I was not worried about making it back to the main road without having to "send it" and potentially damage something in the middle of nowhere. In my auto, to get the most out of the Torq Locker, I think installing a center diff lock switch would be a good idea. In really steep climbs, I have found my center diff to be sending more power to the front (even in 1st gear) not allowing my locked rear end to push me up anymore. Even so, this has only happened once or twice and a slightly different line got me up without issue. 
 On road, the locker is hardly noticeable. I can hear the clicking of the Torq locker when making turns in parking lots but other than that, there is nothing impacting the on road ability of my Baja. I can still take curvy back roads faster than I should and hardly ever hold up traffic. 
The one and only thing that I consciously have to think about is making a 90 degree turn into traffic. On dry pavement when you really put your foot down making a 90 degree corner, the locker does what its supposed to when you give it power, it locks up and can chirp the tires. This is to be expected with most all auto/lunchbox lockers you can find online and I am not complaining in the slightest. 
So far I have put over 3,000 road miles and around 500-800 off road miles on. The clicking sound of my 1 bolt diff is so much drastically quieter than 5 bolt diffs I have heard in other Subaru's. Overall, I am so satisfied with this locker. I cannot go back to my stock vlsd. I would recommend for anyone who is a weekend worrier all the way up to those who see some serious off road action. TorqLocker has sure helped make a Subaru, a true go anywhere Subaru.
torq locker subaru

Year: 2013

Subaru Outback limited, CVT trans and traction control

no center diff mod,

Torq Locker : 1 bolt locker

1500 miles total so far. 200 off-road miles

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Over the past month and a half I have been driving my 2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i with CVT that has an aftermarket cooler. The car itself is on a 2 inch strut top and subframe lift and standard height king springs as well as larger then stock tires, running 235/75/15 vs 225/60/17. The car HAS NOT HAD TRACTION CONTROL DISABLED…. since the installation of the locker and with the trails I have been able to put the car through offroad the Traction control has not come on nor have I had to turn it off and the CVT and locker have been working well together. In the month and a half of locker I have been able to put on about 1500 miles of driving, 1300 being highway going at speeds above 65 and taking curves and turns at or above posted recommendations. There has been no tire skidding or freak out of the engine or CVT. The noise of the locker is very minimal, only hear it when going slow in a parking lot or my driveway with radio off and windows down.

torq locker subaru
Year of vehicle: 2014
Make/Model: Subaru XV Crosstrek, Base Model  
Transmission: 5mt   Xmode and Traction control still enabled. 
5 Bolt locker
Miles so far ~2000 total with about 450 offroad
Instagram @chris.trek
Likes: The massive amount of traction I now have! I'm now able to lift a rear tire and still have forward motion offroad. The locker also allows for some awesome donuts in dirt/gravel (VDC Disabled). The VDC system doesn't even notice the locker in normal city driving or offroad. Traction control in the 5MT is not affected either.
Dislikes: How long it took for lockers to come to the Subaru world!
Concerns/Considerations for potential buyers:
You will absolutely get people that know cars looking at you funny as you exit parking lots and them hearing what sounds almost exactly like a CV axle on its last legs. You will notice the locker as it ratchets around tight corners under heavy throttle input. Gas mileage is not affected as far as I can tell. Sometimes I get a tire to chirp if I need to make a sharp corner entering a higher speed road.

 Five Bolt & One Bolt Fitment:





2003 – 2006       Baja (Automatic and Manual)

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2014 - 2018        Forester 2.5i Manual/XT CVT

1998 - 2013        Forester (Automatic/CVT and Manual)

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1998 - 2001        Impreza L/Outback Sport Automatic

1993 - 1997        Impreza/Impreza Brighton (Automatic and Manual)

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2006 - 2009        Legacy GT Automatic, 3.0R Automatic, Spec B Manual

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1999, 2002,        Legacy 2.2/2.5i Base/L


2013 - 2019        Outback CVT

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2005, 2008          Outback XT Automatic

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