TORQ Mini Spool Polaris 1000

6 × 6 × 6 in
3 lb
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TORQ Spool
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The TORQ Mini Spool by Torq-Masters Industries Inc. is the first of it's kind to the UTV Market, backed with a Lifetime Warranty, the Mini Spool will greatly extend the life of your Polaris front differential. The TORQ Mini Spool is Rock bouncer proven and has helped drivers podium. 

How it Works: The Mini Spool takes the place of your 2 stock hubs in the Polaris front differential. You will reuse or install new bearings, and reinstall your sprague and rollers.  The Mini Spool will not deflect and wobble like the stock Polaris hubs inside your differential. This deflection causes the 'ratchet' sound and can lead to sprague failure. Because this is a Spool, both axle shafts will turn at the same speed which can take more effort to steer the vehicle.

** Note, Sprague and Ring Gear not included.

***Note, this Mini Spool will not work with 2017 and newer differentials.

**** Note, for 2017 and newer differentials you can make your differential into a Turbo Differential by using the TORQ Full or Mini Spool Turbo and upgrading to the larger 28 spline Turbo Axles ~ this is pretty cool! ~

2014 - 2016 Polaris RZR 1000